Climate Code 2021:  Friday August 6th - Sunday August 8th, 2021

Thank you for everyone who came to our event! Please read our event report here: If you would like to reach out, please contact

Climate Code 2021 is a virtual Hackathon that encourages high-school students from around the world to try and develop prototypes that will help the Environment. Within the span of 36 hours, teams will work together to develop digital ideas aimed towards helping confront environmental challenges that societies encounter today. 

There will be workshops, keynote presentations, interactive activities, and mentors to assist your creation along every step of the way. Near the end, you will virtually present your prototype to a team of judges, all of whom are experienced individuals in the STEAM fields. 

Over $10,000 in prizes will be available for attendees. 

NOTE: Climate Code 2021 is tailored towards Beginner/Intermediate level hackers. A pre-hackathon workshop series will be run on July 24th for participants to prepare for our event. Registration is free and a recording will be provided to attendees. 





Guest Speakers: View Schedule for details

Speaker Description Workshop Title Workshop Description
MLA Brenda Bailey, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology and Innovation Keynote Address The Keynote Address will provide insight and tips to having a wonderful experience at Climate Code 2021!
Kevin Hodges:, Senior Software Engineer at Riot Games Protips for Joining the Video Game Industry How do you start a career in the games industry? How do you stand out when applying to your favorite gaming companies? How do you take your rad game ideas from concept to reality? Learn the answers to these questions and more!
Alex Kwan, Engineering Manager at Microsoft Tips and tricks for jump-starting your career A brief overview of how Alex made it to Microsoft, including his experiences, his passions, and his career story. Alex will go in depth about his career choices with emphasis on his path to get to where he is today. 
Roman Frolov, Senior Software Engineer at Codesphere How To Get a Job With No Experience What if I tell you that you already have everything to find a job in IT? Yes, it's possible to achieve without prior work experience. I did it and you can do it too. In this workshop I'll share with you some of the unconventional ways of learning that I've used, tips on getting your first job, and my personal story of learning computer science while working full-time as a bartender.
Earth Hacks What could go wrong?

A brainstorming workshop focusing on environmental and ethics for real or hypothetical tech company use cases.

Meet other teammates and participants in a super-friendly environment.

Ashley Chu & Kuhu Sharma, UC Berkeley Society of Women Engineers Applying to College Q+A Unsure about what college you want to apply to? Curious to hear what life in college is actually like? Come chat with Kuhu and Ashley, and get all your questions asked in a brief presentation and Q+A about what studying computer science in college is like. 
Other workshops (see schedule) HTML/CSS Programming Basics, Introduction to JavaScript - Building a game, Discord Bot Programming Basics in Python, Programming Languages and choosing one, Build Responsive Web Apps with React, EchoAR Workshop: Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 Minutes or Less, Brief overview of websites and their vulnerabilities: How Websites Work, Brief overview of websites and their vulnerabilities: how Hacking works, Flow States workshop (80% will be a hacking period), How to pitch your hack, University Programs with regard to STEM

A variety of workshops for all skill levels. Please see the tentative schedule for more information. 

Workshop times can also be found via the link. 


  1. It's Fun!
  2. Learn! Whether you are seasoned Hackathon veteran or first-time beginner, you will acquire something new out of Climate Code 2021. 
  3. Network with professionals. Successful entrepreneurs, world-renowned speakers, and amazing mentors will participate at Climate Code 2021.
  4. Win amazing prizes (more info later)!
  5. Make new friends and expand your connections.
  6. Gain valuable skills! This is an event like no other!



  1. Apply on DevPost
  2. Follow email instructions for steps to confirm your participation
  3. Wait for a follow up email to join our Discord channel.
  4. Invite your friends and create a team. 
  5. Start Hacking!


XdHacks Mini is a global high-school Hackathon organization dedicated towards hosting high-school Hackathons to inspire more youth to be engaged with the field of STEAM. Our events are where individuals come together and use technology to transform their ideas into reality in an attempt to create a feasible solution towards solving a relevant, real-world problem.

At XdHacks Mini, one of our core values is in teaching students of the importance of interdisciplinary learning in the modern technology industry. Our focus on students developing an interdisciplinary mindset sets us apart from other Hackathon organizations. We highlight the significance of soft skills such as presenting a pitch, in tandem with hard skills like coding. We believe entrepreneurship, in addition to having a deep foundation within a skill like coding, sets students up best for the future.

XdHacks Mini has hosted over 10 hackathons, with the XdHacks Mini Vancouver branch on their 4th hackathon. 


SUBMISSIONS OPEN: Friday August 6th: 8:00PM (Pacific Time)

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: Sunday August 8th: 9:00AM (Pacific Time)



Participants will be given a 5 minute timeslot to pitch their project for this online hackathon. Their product should be a prototype, user interface and front end development are not necessary for submitting a successful project. Even if the program itself isn’t finished, that is fine. Your submission should simply show your thinking process when tackling the theme, and illustrate how you plan to tackle the theme of Environmental Issues with the beginnings of your solution. However, this is not a case competition and we want to see some practical work/coding done!


In order to be eligible for a prize, your team must: 

  • Present your pitch at the allocated timeslot. 
  • Provide your code in a some sort of public repository. 


NOTE: Climate Code 2021 is a weekend hackathon -> coding of projects before the start of the hackathon is not permitted and teams will not be eligible for prizes. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD18,740 in prizes

Overall 1st Place

3 months FREE Centered Premium Membership for the Winner Team (all team members)

The Wolfram Award (all team members) - Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

$100 Gift Card of choice (1)

Climate Code 2021 T-Shirt (BC Residents only)

Slingshot Verified Tag: enables winners to skip the extensive interviews and tests to get in front of startups (all team members)

Overall 1st Place Certificate (all team members)

Overall 2nd Place

$50 Gift Card of choice (1)

The Wolfram Award (all team members) - Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

Climate Code 2021 T-Shirt BC Residents only)

Overall 2nd Place Certificate (all team members)

Overall 3rd Place

$25 Gift Card of choice (1)

The Wolfram Award (all team members) - Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

Climate Code 2021 T-Shirt (BC Residents only)

Overall 3rd Place Certificate (all team members)

Overall 4th Place

Overall 4th Place Certificate (all team members)
The Wolfram Award (all team members) - Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

Overall 5th Place

Overall 5th Place Certificate (all team members)

Overall 6th Place

Overall 6th Place Certificate (all team members)

Best Beginner Hack (must state at start)

Climate Code 2021 T-Shirt (BC Residents only)

$40 Gift Card of choice (1)

Best Beginner Design Certificate (all team members)

Best Website Design

$15 Gift Card of choice (1)

Best Website Design Certificate

Best Presentation

$15 Gift Card of choice (1)

Best Presentation Certificate (all team members)

Best Design

$15 Gift Card of choice (1)

Best Design Certificate (all team members)

Best Practicality

$15 Gift Card of choice (1)

Best Practicality Certificate (all team members)

Best Prototype

$15 Gift Card of choice (1)

Best Prototype Certificate (all team members)

Most Innovative

$15 Gift Card of choice (1)

Most Innovative Certificate (all team members)

Raffles and Giveaways

Various Gift Cards and prizes will be given out for people who attend various workshops and events.

A Panago Compliments Certificate (redeemable for 2 medium pizzas, 2 salads and a 2L of pop) will also be used as a raffle item at our event.

T-shirts will also be raffled.

All Participants

1-month FREE access to all Business Plan features of the echoAR platform

1 Free Year of 1Password Families (new signups only)

Free upgrades to Taskade Unlimited.

Each student receives $120 in SashiDo credits.

Free .xyz domain name to participants

Access to Wolfram|One for all participants for thirty days.

Unlimited access to Centered

Climate Code 2021 Participant Certificate (all participants)

XdHacks Mini Vancouver Stickers ((BC Residents only)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


XdHacks Mini Judges

XdHacks Mini Judges
XdHacks Hackathon Association

Judging Criteria

  • General Criteria: Innovation
    How effective is the solution to the target audience? How impressive was the project technically? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly original technique or various components?
  • General Criteria: Design
    Is the product visually appealing? Did the team create an aesthetically preferable user experience? Does the team have an accessible platform for the audience?
  • General Criteria: Practicality
    Is the product economically and socially feasible? Does the function of the project work? Does the project address the problem they are trying to solve? Is the solution accessible and sustainable in the long term?
  • General Criteria: Prototype
    Is your prototype comprehensive and able to communicate your entire project? Is the prototype functional and able to show the ideal outcome of the solution?
  • General Criteria: Presentation
    Does the live presentation effectively showcase the project? Is there any contradiction between the presentation and the product? Did the presentation sufficiently outline all details about the project?
  • Best Presentation Award
    Awarded to the team with the highest presentation score.
  • Most Innovative
    Judged as the most Environmentally innovative by the judges.
  • Best Website Design
    Judged as having the best website design by the judges.
  • Best Prototype Award
    Awarded to the team with the highest prototype score.
  • Best Practicality Award
    Awarded to the team with the highest practicality score.
  • Best Design Award
    Awarded to the team with the highest design score.
  • Best Beginner Award
    Awarded to the team who opted into the beginner track at the beginning of the event and had the highest score.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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